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  • Syrupy

    Syrupy is a pytest snapshot plugin. It enables developers to write tests which assert immutability of computed results. It brings jest-style snapshots to Python.

  • Monodeploy

    Like semantic-release and Lerna, but for Yarn modern workspaces

  • Jenkins TL

    Jenkins Timeline is a Jenkins plugin that allows users to gain knowledge about the execution of their builds

  • with-immutable-props-to-js

    A higher-order component for keeping Immutable objects outside of your presentational components

  • Sanity Runner

    Automate your sanity tests against a Chrome browser running in AWS Lambda

  • Commit Utils

    Top Hat's commitlint config, including a commitizen adapter and conventional changelog preset

  • RichTextView

    iOS Text View (UIView) that properly displays LaTeX, HTML, Markdown, YouTube and Vimeo links